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Been thinking alot about tattoos lately. Actually, I shouldn’t say lately, as it’s something I’ve considered seriously for many many years but never actually gotten done. I always figured that i should wait long enough to make sure that I would want a particular image inked on me for the long haul. Well, it’s been many many years, and I still want the same thing(s). So, I’m now moving to serious consideration.

There’s two things in particular I’ve always wanted done. The first is a worker swinging a hammer, from an old issue of The Masses. The second is Sabo, a classic symbol of the wildcat strike in general and the IWW in particular. More recently I’ve been trying to come up with something I could incorporate around one or both of these to make something a little more substantial as a tattoo. To that end, I came across an interesting celtic tree that might be re-tooled a bit. Obviously, these are just a start – I need to get some drawings done up about how they might be re-worked to make a coherent and cool bit of ink, and see what an artist could do with these themes. But this should give an idea, anyway.

So here’s the things I’m playing with.



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