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Winter is drawing to a close, and our little home is beginning to turn its mind again to the outside time of year, when we exchange the fireplace for the barbecue, fabrics for seeds, weekends curled up with a movie for weekends camping and hiking. Last night, Meg sketched out the route for an April roadtrip to Death Valley for some desert-hiking – a place that attracts enough to get me to enter the United States for a significant period of time, which doesn’t happen all that often or all that easy. And we are talking much these days about gardens – what to plant this year and where, how precisely to set a bathtub in the soil to hold some bamboo for privacy screening, where to establish a bee-hive, how to proceed with the digging up of the front yard for a pond, berries and other exciting things, and what neighbourhood projects we can get going over the next few months. So much to think off, as we shake off hibernation and get ready to step out once again. (more…)


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