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Brotherly Blog-Love

Was thinking about my brother, Dennis, today. When I was a kid Den was the coolest thing going – he knew everything (still does, though he does his damndest to hide it), he had girls lining up, and he was convinced – as I was convinced – that he was gonna be a rock and roll guitar god. I’d follow him down to the rehearsal space on Terminal Ave to watch his band, Attakk, and whatever other metal bands were jamming there – to be cool by association, to bask in fast and loud rock’nr’oll, to show off to everyone that this guy was my brother, and I was gonna be just like him.

Well, Den is not currently playing with Motorhead or Maiden or Ozzy, though we still get out to those shows together now and then – with his teenage boys in tow. He is making music, though, jamming weekly with a few friends and doing some writing and recording at home, And me, I have a whole other life, doing the union/ activisit/ academic thing in varying ratios at different times in my life.

I still, though, have that same awe of Den sometimes. I get it when out of nowhere he says something that reminds me how fucking brilliant he is. I get it when I listen to something particularly amazing he’s recorded. Mostly, though, I get it now when I think about, talk about, or get to enjoy, his cooking.

Den’s a chef. Worked at a few restaurants around town, most notably and most recently Bishop’s, where he was executive chef for many years. Recently, though, tired of working til 2:00am and each day adding more burns to his arms, he’s quit that gig and started up some new projects. He’s working on a review of food service apprenticeships for the province, visiting cooking schools and programs to see what they are teaching, how they are teaching it, and how it might be improved. And he’s doing some creative cooking stuff on the side – consulting on kitchen design, writing recipes, and teaching in-home cooking classes.

It’s alot of stuff on the go, but he seems happier than he has been in years, and it’s pretty clear both he and his kids are stoked that they get more time to play pool and listen to metal together.

Guess I’m thinking about him today, though, because of my own blogging thing. Den’s had a couple of pages up for a couple of years – one dedicated to his music, one to his cooking, with recipes, stories, even a video on how to barbecue a turkey. And though he doesn’t update them as much as I’d like, every now and then something new pops up, and in the meantime there’s lots to keep me busy in a down-minute at work.

So, because I’ve started this blog, because Den has some sites, and because I’m still in awe of him, here’s some links to one of my brothers. (Yeah, there are two others – a physicist/ mathematician and a medical doctor, both university profs – but they don’t have hobby websites, so they have to live without blog-love for now).  For music – and no, it’s mostly not metal, but jazzy guitar stuff – check out http://www.dennisgreenmusic.com. For cooking stories, organic food info, and lotsa recipes, it’s http://www.greenchef.ca



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